Industrials & Commercials

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Advantage Insurance
Dir. Alex Sobol


Universal Studios
Radical Media Productions
Peter Darley Miller, Director

I play a mom. Our family's drab weekend is saved by Universal. This commercial is running all over the place simultaneously in both English and Spanish.


ENGLISH version

SPANISH version

GOTV Networks Inc.
Nir Bashan, Director

AT&T's viral video for their new Pantech Phone. I play "Maria", the office's cleaning woman.
ACM Entertainment
Al Simon, Director

Recorded all 12 zodiac predictions for the upcoming year, the Spanish versions.

We also filmed some scenes. For the visuals: card handling, I play a client having a reading on the phone.


Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
Kiner Communications
Scott Kiner, Director


A series of commercials for Fantasy Casino Resort in Palm Springs area.
We filmed various versions in English and in Spanish.

Bank of America
Gartner Productions
Ray Dillman, Director

National Commercial from Bank of America.

In Spanish.


Every Dose, Every Day, On Time
Line Productions
Barbara Kallir, Director (English Version)
Carlos Victor Rica, Director (Spanish Version)

HIV/AIDS Industrial • 3min 29secs - 8.78MB. Spanish HIV/AIDS Industrial • 3min 21secs - 

Selected scenes of the Educational Industrial for persons living with HIV/AIDS. 2 versions were produced: a Spanish and an English one. I play the lead role of Dr. Cristina Gomez in both. It's kind'a neat watching the SAME scene in two languages!


Reviviendo El Amor TV Promo 1
TRT:31 secs A television appearance to promote our play "Reviviendo el Amor".

Aired on Perrona TV, Channel 26.

In Spanish. 31 secs long.


Reviviendo El Amor TV Promo 2
TRT:42 secs Another television appearance to promote the play "Reviviendo el Amor".

Aired on Perrona TV, Channel 26.

In Spanish. 42 secss long.


Mi Abogado
Living Element Pictures
her Gosch, Director


TRT:00:30 secs - 1.3 MB
Filmed in Los Angeles.
A commercial from the Law Firm 'Mi Abogado'.
I play a factory worker with a WRI (Work-Related Injury).

In Spanish.
To view click on the image


Central Chevrolet
Atomic Productions
Michael Kerhin, Director

TRT: 30secs - 1.3MB
Titled, 'Reality Show'. Filmed in Fremont.
A spoof on the reality show Survivor for Central Chevrolet.
I play a survivor contestant.

Clip is cute!


Philips Photo eXpanium
Philips Consumer Electronics Digital Imaging
Stuart McKechnie, Director


TRT: 3:36secs - 9.12MB
Recorded in Sunnyvale. A presentation for the Philips Photo eXpanium, which allows you to view and edit your photographs on your television set, and it doubles up as an MP3 player!

To view the Presentation, click on the image on the left.

In Spanish with English subtitles.
3:36 secs


Medical Board of California
Kaboom Productions
Doug Werby, Director

 Titled, 'Parent as the Messenger'. Filmed in San Francisco. A public service message for the Medical Board of California. I had to darken my hair for this one. In Spanish with English subtitles.

TRT:30secs - 1.3MB(Click image to see Video)



McDougal Creative
David Rathod, Director

Titled, 'The Smooth Operator'. Filmed in San Francisco, this was an industrial for Compaq Telecom.
I play an annoyed customer.