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Borderline Coyotes
Dir. Victor Kelso
Episode "Betrayal"

My husband 'Jose' is being questioned by Roberto and they use the threat of killing his wife 'Gloria' (played by me) to coerce him.

1,000 Ways To Die
Spike TV
Episode: "Stupid Is as Stupid Dies"
Segment: "Rug Munched"

In this episode I play a Pathologist.

We are autopsying a woman who died from a 'Trichobezoar', a bezoar formed from hair. A bezoar is a mass trapped usually in the stomach.  In this case, the mass was produced by eating her own hair.




Josť Luis Sin Censura
Channel KRCA 62
Episode: "La Verdad Duele"
Once again I have the pleasure to participate in this show.

I play 'Veronica Ortiz', a widow who is dating 'Carlos', a man half her age and slept with 'Nelson', her daughter's husband in their marital bed!




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2 mins long.





Channel KRCA 62
Episode: Enredadera
I was very excited to be invited to do another episode.

This time, I play 'Joana', a mom whose home is robbed by her gardener.


My scene is brief (1:39). I am including it because I loved the way it was filmed. There is lots of suspense and my car (I drive a Smart Car), makes its world debut in the episode!  My daughter is played by Jessica Uberuaga and my husband (pictured) by Anthony Vitale.

CLICK on the image on the right to watch the CLIP. 1:39






Josť Luis Sin Censura
Channel KRCA 62
Episode: Intercambio de Parejas
A fast-paced talk show with a compelling edge and hosted by Josť Luis Gonzalez.

I participated in the episode about Swingers. I play  'Ericka Kligman' and with my husband 'Alex' we practice swinging with executive couples.

Click on the image on the left to watch a *** CLIP***. In Spanish, 2 mins.

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Channel KRCA 62
Episode: La Ruleta De La Vida
I was very excited to be invited to do another episode.

The episode in on the lines of Cinderella. I play "Lizbeth" the mean mom who with her children, treat their maid, played by Claudia Godines, horribly and kick her to the street with no money, not suspecting that she just inherited a vast fortune from her estranged uncle. 

Click on the image on the left to watch a selected clip. 1:59 mins.




Bedside Manor
Episodes: Parkinson's Disease, Food Poisoning, Heart Disease Prevention
Jake Wachtel Director|
A informative TV show. Where two doctors, one conventional, the other alternative, go head-to-head.

In each episode, the good doctors of Bedside Manor, Dr. Howard Goldberg and Dr. Keith DeOrio, debate the best approaches to common medical issues from their differing points of view.

Actors illustrate and dramatize the issues discussed by the Doctors. I participated in three episodes: Parkinson's Disease, Food Poisoning and Heart Disease Prevention.

I play a Parkinson's Sufferer.

Shows airs on the Veria Network.


America's Most Wanted
Ivan Sellars Director|
Episode: Tempe Bank Heist

We filmed this episode in January 2008, it became a segment of the May 17th special '1000 Capture' episode.

I play 'Vanessa', a Loan Officer who is mistaken by the bank robbers to be the Bank's Manager.



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Channel KRCA 62
Directed by Lucas Torres
Episode: Husband2

I play the role of Amanda. My husband who is a lawyer is having an affair. He is being investigated by the 'Secretos' Team.

I have two scenes: one with 'Adriano', one of the Team investigators and one where I am trying to seduce my husband who just arrived from having a tryst.

Aired February 19th, 2008.

Picture on the left is a link to the clip.

2:22 minutes long.


The Young and The Restless

I participated in 10 episodes. I played an Inmate, and I was mainly in the scenes involving the Prison Visiting Rooms.  I was featured a few times, I am including a clip of my most memorable moments.